The Why, How and What of Education

After reflection about our recent professional learning day, it is clear leaders need people in their organizations to understand the “why, how and what” in that order. This concept comes from a Ted Talks Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action”

My thoughts…

As educators if “we can empower our students to learn, achieve and grow, in a diverse world” (HWDSB mission statement – Todd White) we will be helping them to reach their full potential.

As leaders we must focus on creating positive cultures and well being making sure all stakeholders feel safe, accepted and included. We must also increase student achievement in the areas of early literacy, mathematics as well as increase graduation rates. In the HWDSB we are working hard to transform our learning environments, relationships and opportunities to challenge students and equip them with the skills they need in this diverse world.

Educators on a daily bases should be using a mix of high yield strategies such as guided reading, blended learning, inquiry, direct instruction, providing effective feedback and everything else that goes along with this. We should be teaching with a global context going cross curricular examining concepts such as power, success, struggle, being a hero, etc and help students create opportunities to demonstrate problem solving, higher order thinking and critical literacy.

Writing this post has helped me reflect on some of my learning, and if you have any thoughts, comments or (hard) questions let me hear them please.