Growth Mindset and Building Relationships

People in education use the term growth mindset all the time, but what does it look like in action and what does it mean to students? I see bulletin boards and posters saying anyone can do anything or it’s ok to make mistakes but how do we live it as educators and lead by example?

I have the pleasure of working with Mr. Tyler Aglor (@mr_aglor) #HWDSB and he taught me a lot yesterday about showing a growth mindset and building relationships with students. During a math lesson he was asking students how many buses the school would need to go on a trip, and he allowed students to solve the problem any way. By default some went straight to the multiplication algorithm, and others drew pictures or arrays etc. But one student made a carrying mistake and told us we got it right because we were smart and then there was a pause.

Mr. Aglor asked the student to check his work and don’t give up, to believe in himself and with hard work he could learn from this mistake and not make it again in the future. He continued to tell the class a personal story about how when he was in school he wasn’t the smartest but he could guarantee nobody tried harder than him.

That was a turning point, he had students thinking it’s better to try hard then to just accept if you’re smart or not. The story also showed a human side of teaching and you could see students relating to his experiences.

As I think about growth mindset and my school board’s Transforming Learning Everywhere philosophy of transforming learning environments, relationships and opportunities I think this is a great example showing how this can be done.

Do you have any comments, or examples of how you create #growthmindset within your students? Do you have examples of how you are transforming relationships with your students? Any Questions?

Thanks for reading!