Guided Reading Should be Happening Every Day

There are many questions around guided reading, such as: How do I run it? What are other students doing when I’m doing it? What exactly do I read or teach? and many more questions.

This blog post isn’t about how to run guided reading, having discussions with your colleagues will probably help you the most. This post is about the importance of doing guided reading everyday with a group of students in your class.

I must admit, I didn’t run guided reading every day as a classroom teacher, I often found excuses but knew I should be doing it. However in my new role as instructional coach I have realized the importance of this small group instruction. I am truly enjoying having discussions with people about student needs, learning outcomes and anything to do with guided reading.

The bottom line is this, it’s an opportunity to address a weakness in the form of a student need, in a small group instruction that will allow you to make comments, implement tools and give instant feedback in a safe small setting. Groups need to be flexible and dynamic and constructed from data, observation and assessment. This small group setting gives students a chance to develop reading strategies and teachers can model these strategies and engage students in conversations about the text.

The more I think about guided reading and the more I participate in guided reading the more I see the benefits of guided reading for students. I suggest diving in and going head first if you haven’t tried it. Also try this with writing and math or any other subject you teach.

Below are two websites that really spells it out for people considering starting guided reading. I suggest reading them.